Worldmap Edit

There're total of 4 planets. Each regions have different area, materials and heroes. Any lock area can be unlock by using travel ticket. Caution, you can't return to old region so be careful to research all blueprint before move shop.


Worldmap MenuEdit

  1. Shop for items: Use to buy materials.
  2. Sell weapons: Sell weapons to heroes. Each smith can selling up to 3 weapons.
  3. Expand business: Unlock area.
  4. Go on vacation: Send smith on vacation.
  5. Train: Send smith to train skill.
  6. Explore: Send smith to explore for materials, enchantments and relics.

Regions and AreasEdit

Main Article: Regions There're total of 4 regions and 22 areas in game.

Gnitae RegionEdit

Patata's Shop Lv. 1

Noob Village

Murky Miso Marshes

Tower of (Root) Beer

Hillybilly Hollow Edit

Patata's Shop Lv. 2

Buffet Mountain

Hobo Ville

Shaka City

The Spice RouteEdit

Patata's Shop Lv. 3

River Ale

Elf forest

Sugar Spice City

Snow Onsen

Tree of Life

Gothic Dream RegionEdit

Patata's Shop Lv. 4

River Ale

Black Pyramids

Midnight Caverns

City of Everything Evil

Fighter's Pit

Thick Gravy-ard

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