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Tower of (Root) Beer is the second unlockable area in the Gnitae Region. It can be unlocked for 5 tickets. You can sell weapons, explore, vacation, or train here.

Where the weather is always sunny with a chance of icecream float.


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You cannot shop in the Tower of (Root) Beer.


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Selling weapons in the Tower of (Root) Beer takes 23H.

Name Elrado Mageborn Harry Oakwand Groll The Shade
Class Mage Wizard Barbarian Rogue
Lv. 1 10 10 25
Lv. MAX 10 25 25 50
Primary Magic Magic Attack Speed
Secondary Accuracy Accuracy Speed Accuracy
Likes Wand Wand Axe Dagger
Dislikes Dagger Dagger Dagger Wand


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Exploring the Tower of (Root) Beer takes D1 1H.

Materials Enchantments Relics
Name Rarity Name Rarity Name Rarity
Wood.png Wood Common Focus Herb.png Focus Herb Common Elemental Rune.png Elemental Rune Common
Iron.png Iron Uncommon Power Berry.png Power Berry Common Unbreakable Flint.png Unbreakable Flint Common
Sapphire.png Sapphire Uncommon Blazing Kernel.png Blazing Kernel Common Rusty Axe Head.png Rusty Axe Head Rare
Ruby Ruby Rare Flashy Nut.png Flashy Nut Common Old Ornament.png Old Ornament Rare
Bronze.png Bronze Epic Warrior's Mark.png Warrior's Mark Rare
Magic Dust.png Magic Dust Epic Weathered Knife.png Weathered Knife Epic
Rope.png Rope Epic Dusty Arrowhead.png Dusty Arrowhead Epic
Wilting Laurel.png Wilting Laurel Epic


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A vacation to the Tower of (Root) Beer takes D1 8H.

Potato Pilsner Parade
Endless streams of pale ale with soused potatoes is always good fun.
Cost: $380
Rating: 1/5
Surf's Up!
Grab your potato dog and enjoy a day out on the beautiful frothy root beer sea.
Cost: $451
Rating: 2/5
Recycling Park Stroll
Autumn is the best time to watch the root beer cans fall off the trees. Bring a loved one, or two.
Cost: $408
Rating: 1/5
Mountain Dew Winter
The icy slopes of Mount Dew are great for skiing. The weather's good for your skin too!
Cost: $520
Rating: 3/5


Main Article: Train

Training at the Tower of (Root) Beer takes D1 1H.

Vertical Tower Marathon
Like running a marathon, except up the tower stairs. Watch out for slippery root beer foam!
Cost: $929
Exp: 70 EXP
Ice Cream Float Eating Contest
What's root beer without ice cream to go with it? Trains your brain-freeze tolerance.
Cost: $591
Exp: 45 EXP
Tower Maintenance
Winter is coming... So make sure that Tower is in ship shape! Or tower shape?
Cost: $1,098
Exp: 80 EXP
Snow Shoveling
Those gorgeous Tower front lawns need to be snow free. Get to shoveling!
Cost: $760
Exp: 55 EXP
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