The game is comprised of 4 regions. Each region can be reached through progression. Once you progress you can no longer return to a previous region. Make sure you complete any activities you want to before advancing your region.

Gnitae Region Edit

This is the first region you encounter. There are four locations in this region.

Patata's Shop Lv. 1 Edit

This is your workshop. Weapon crafting can be performed here. This location will appear in all regions and is unlocked by default.

Noob Village Edit

Main Article:Noob Village

Populated with itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny baby potatoes. Quite delicious.
This the first location you have access to and is unlocked by default. You can sell weapons, purchase Item, send smiths on vacation and train here.

Murky Miso Marshes Edit

Main Article:Murky Miso Marshes

Where marshmallows grow on trees and miso soup flows from the earth. Yum!
This is the first unlockable location. It costs 2 tickets to unlock. You can sell weapons, explore, vacation and train here.

Tower of (Root) Beer Edit

Main Article:Tower of (Root) Beer

Where the weather is always sunny with a chance of ice cream float.
This is the final location in the Gnitae Region. It costs 5 tickets to unlock. You can sell weapons, explore, vacation and train here.

Hillbilly Hollow Edit

Main Article:Hillbilly Hollow

The Spice Route Edit

Main Article:The Spice Route

Patata's Shop Lv. 3 Edit

River Ale Edit

Elf Forest Edit

Main Article:Elf Forest

Sugar Spice City Edit

Main Article:Sugar Spice City

Snow Onsen Edit

Main Article:Snow Onsen

Tree of Life Edit

Main Article:Tree of Life

Gothic Dream Edit

Main Article:Gothic Dream

Patata's Shop Lv. 4 Edit

River Ale Edit

Black Pyramids Edit

Main Article:Black Pyramids

Midnight Caverns Edit

Main Article:Midnight Caverns

City of Everything Evil Edit

Main Article:City of Everything Evil

Fighter's Pit Edit

Main Article:Fighter's Pit

Thick Gravy-ard Edit

Main Article:Thick Gravy-ard

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