Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! Wiki

This the first location you have access to and is unlocked by default. You can sell weapons, purchase Item, send smiths on vacation and train here.

Populated with itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny baby potatoes. Quite delicious.


A shopping trip to Noob Village takes 17H.

Material Cost
Iron.png Iron $20
Wood.png Wood $20
Bronze.png Bronze $40
Rope.png Rope $60
Magic Dust.png Magic Dust $60


Selling weapons in Noob Village takes 18H.

Name Klepto Kid Faizan Fury Alywyn Greenwood Terry Treehugger
Class Thief Fighter Archer Ranger
Lv. 1 1 1 1
Lv. MAX 10 10 10 25
Primary Speed Attack Accuracy Speed
Secondary - - - -
Likes Dagger Axe Bow Bow
Dislikes Wand Bow Axe Axe


Noob Village cannot be explored.


A vacation to Noob Village takes D1 3H.

Dress up and become the hero you always wanted to be!
Cost: $380
Rating: 1/5
Annual Kite Crafting Competition
The bigger the kites, the wider the shade, the cooler you are! Just be careful not to get swept away!
Cost: $451
Rating: 2/5
Potatoes, Aim and Fire!
The kites from the kite crafting competition have gotten lose! Please help shoot them down!
Cost: $520
Rating: 3/5
Ice Sculpture Festival
Admire the detail and quality of award-winning ice sculptures made out of real potatoes!
Cost: $408
Rating: 1/5


The Hungry Games
Like the Hunger Games but Hungrier. Potatoes are great at this since they are all carbs!
Cost: $929
Exp: 70 EXP
The Summer Nooblympics
Best way for a baby potato to get its roots wet.
Cost: $760
Exp: 55 EXP
Lithe Leaf Picker
Pick leaves out of the autumn winds. Prove that you've got what it takes!
Cost: $591
Exp: 45 EXP
The Winter Nooblympics
Better way for a baby potato to get its roots wet, or frozen.
Cost: $1,098
Exp: 80 EXP

Holy Potatoes a Weapon Shop!?
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