This the first location you have access to and is unlocked by default. You can sell weapons, purchase Item, send smiths on vacation and train here.

Populated with itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny baby potatoes. Quite delicious.

Shop Edit

A shopping trip to Noob Village takes 17H.

Material Cost
Iron Iron $20
Wood Wood $20
Bronze Bronze $40
Rope Rope $60
Magic Dust Magic Dust $60

Heroes Edit

Selling weapons in Noob Village takes 18H.

Name Klepto Kid Faizan Fury Alywyn Greenwood Terry Treehugger
Class Thief Fighter Archer Ranger
Lv. 1 1 1 1
Lv. MAX 10 10 10 25
Primary Speed Attack Accuracy Speed
Secondary - - - -
Likes Dagger Axe Bow Bow
Dislikes Wand Bow Axe Axe

Explore Edit

Noob Village cannot be explored.

Vacation Edit

A vacation to Noob Village takes D1 3H.

Dress up and become the hero you always wanted to be!
Cost: $380
Rating: 1/5
Annual Kite Crafting Competition
The bigger the kites, the wider the shade, the cooler you are! Just be careful not to get swept away!
Cost: $451
Rating: 2/5
Potatoes, Aim and Fire!
The kites from the kite crafting competition have gotten lose! Please help shoot them down!
Cost: $520
Rating: 3/5
Ice Sculpture Festival
Admire the detail and quality of award-winning ice sculptures made out of real potatoes!
Cost: $408
Rating: 1/5

Train Edit

The Hungry Games
Like the Hunger Games but Hungrier. Potatoes are great at this since they are all carbs!
Cost: $929
Exp: 70 EXP
The Summer Nooblympics
Best way for a baby potato to get its roots wet.
Cost: $760
Exp: 55 EXP
Lithe Leaf Picker
Pick leaves out of the autumn winds. Prove that you've got what it takes!
Cost: $591
Exp: 45 EXP
The Winter Nooblympics
Better way for a baby potato to get its roots wet, or frozen.
Cost: $1,098
Exp: 80 EXP

Holy Potatoes a Weapon Shop!?
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