Murky Miso Marshes is the first unlockable are in the Gnitae Region. It can be unlocked for 2 tickets. You can sell weapons, explore, vacation, or train here.

Where marshmallows grow on trees and miso soup flows from the earth. Yum!

Shop Edit

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You cannot shop in Murky Miso Marshes.

Heroes Edit

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Selling weapons in Murky Miso Marshes takes 13H.

Name Steven Stealmany Yappy the Jabber Archie Huntsman One Eye Jack
Class Bandit Fencer Hunter Deadeye
Lv. 10 10 10 10
Lv. MAX 25 25 25 25
Primary Speed Attack Accuracy Accuracy
Secondary - - - -
Likes Dagger Dagger, Axe Dagger, Bow Dagger, Wand
Dislikes Axe Bow, Wand Axe, Wand Bow, Axe

Explore Edit

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Exploring the Murky Miso Marshes takes 15H.

Materials Enchantments Relics
Name Rarity Name Rarity Name Rarity
Wood Wood Common Flashy Nut Flashy Nut Common Weathered Knife Weathered Knife Common
Iron Iron Uncommon Focus Herb Focus Herb Common Rusty Axe Head Rusy Axe Head Common
Sapphire Sapphire Uncommon Power Berry Power Berry Common Dirty Handle Dirty Handle Common
Rope Rope Rare Blazing Kernel Blazing Kernel Common Dusty Arrowhead Dusty Arrowhead Common
Bronze Bronze Epic Wilting Laurel Wilting Laurel Common
Magic Dust Magic Dust Epic Warrior's Mark Warrior's Mark Uncommon
Ruby Ruby Epic Old Ornament Old Ornament Epic

Vacation Edit

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A vacation to Murky Miso Marshes takes 22H.

Farmmallow Ville
Enjoy your spring break in fabulous mallow farms, and watch the young misomallows sprout.
Cost: $556
Rating: 3/5
Summer Riverboat Ride
Take a slow ooze through the miso marshes and observe nature in all of its fermented soybean glory.
Cost: $640
Rating: 5/5
Mallownight Sky Gazing
Gaze upon the Little Diptato and other constellations while lying on ethically-farmed marshmallows.
Cost: $460
Rating: 2/5
The Great Misomallow Munch
A food tour with both miso soup and marhmallows> sign me up!
Cost: $503
Rating: 2/5

Train Edit

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Training in the Murky Miso Marshes takes 15H.

Marsh Runnin'
Miso Marsh gas is said to be good for the lungs. A healthy smith is a useful one!
Cost: $591
Exp: 45 EXP
Gator Rasslin'
Wrestle some allitators and test your strength against them!
Cost: $1,098
Exp: 80 EXP
Marshmallow Pickin'
THe marshmallow harvest is in and you've got to pick them all before they drop into the marsh.
Cost: $760
Exp: 55 EXP
Dry Season Dippin'
In the dry winter, animals gather around remaining water holes in the marsh. Go for a dip... if you can!
Cost: $929
Exp: 70 EXP

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