The Overall Basics Edit

Starting a business with a small weapon shop. You have to command smiths to forge weapons.

Send smiths to sell weapons to heroes, or send them to explore for materials and relics.

Build up $tarch and fame from selling. Upgrade and expand your shop.

Train up smiths, hire more smiths, and so on...

Making $tarch and Fame Edit

$tarch is required for hiring and improving your shop while fame is important for story progress.


The best way to make $tarch and get fame is by selling weapons. Each hero will prefer specific weapons and statuses so pay attention to what kind of weapon and status they like for the highest profit!



You can also do contract work in which you will need to forge something to a specific status in the time limit.

Weapon RequestEdit

Some heroes might come visit your shop and make a request. Before you accept the request, make sure you have a weapon that meets the hero's standards or are able to finish it in the time limit.



Events happen randomly. Sometimes it gives a nice boost, sometimes it gives a bad penalty.

There are 2 types of event. Pop up events without any answer choice and events where you can choose an answer.

Golden Hammer AwardsEdit

Every year you'll be invited to enter the Golden Hammer Awards. Only the best weapons will win awards and recieve some $tarch as reward. You can try to bribe judges but you'll be disqualified if you get caught.

Three awards can be possibly given, The most powerful weapon, The fastest weapon, the most accurate weapon and the most magical weapon, respectively in each spot.

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