Forge Edit

Forging weapons is the main method for all profit and progress in the game. Smiths and materials are needed to forge a weapon.


Workshop Edit

There are 4 types of work stations: Design, Craft, Polish and Enchant. The Enchanting unlocks after progressing deeper into the story.  The work stations can be upgraded to a maximum capacity of 5 Smiths. This excludes 1 additional slot for Patata or the dog. Each workshop will increase the type of stat it's associated with as follows:

Workshop Stat Boosted
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Boost Edit

Boost can be use while forging a weapon. A list of smiths will be shown after selecting a stat to boost. Hired smiths won't cost any $tarch while freelance smiths will cost $tarch for the boost. Boost stat amount will depend on the smith's stats. Any smith job can perform a boost except Master Smith.
Boost count will always be 1 and can't be increased through any shop upgrade. Some random events can help increase boost count. However, boosting effectiveness will be reduced if repeated boosting on same stat.
NOTE: Be mindful when forging on faster game speeds. The random events that can add extra boosts seem to happen very randomly. If you're at 98%, get a bonus boost, and haven't used your first boost, you won't have enough time to physically use the bonus boost.

Enchantment Edit

Main Article: Enchantment

Enchantment can be performed after a weapon has finished forging. The Enchantment will add bonus stats and a prefix to the weapon its applied to.

Only one enchantment cant be used per weapon.

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