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Enchantments are static bonuses you can grant a weapon after you've finished forging it. A list of possible enchantments will be shown after you're finished forging a weapon.

You cannot enchant a weapon more than once.


Enchantment Items[]

There are a total of 32 enchantment items you can find by sending smiths out exploring.

Attack Enchantments[]

Prefix Stat Bonus Item
Vicious 40 Power Berry Power Berry.png
Barbaric 155 Robust Brooch 25px
Spiky 230 Rose Thorns 25px
Brutal 520 Red Bauble 25px
Mighty 1040 Vellum of War 25px
Savage 2230 Horse Balm 25px
Mighty 2650 Karatay Jutsu 25px
Savage 3000 Brawny Totem 25px

Speed Enchantments[]

Prefix Stat Bonus Item
Light 40 Flashy Nut Flashy Nut.png
Nimble 155 Deft Talisman 25px
Brisk 230 Spicy Jalapeno 25px
520 Nimble Locket 25px
Quick 1040 Rushed Article 25px
Swift 2230 Sylph's Salve 25px
Quick 2650 Reach Mach 10 25px
Swift 3000 Kinetic Artifact 25px

Accuracy Enchantments[]

Prefix Stat Bonus Item
Accurate 40 Focus Herb Focus Herb.png
Precise 155 Glossy Trinket 25px
Deadly 230 Venus Flytrap 25px
Precise 520 Flawless Bead 25px
Tactical 1040 Mil Dot Guide 25px
Surgical 2230 Clear Drops 25px
Tactical 2650 Ballistics 101 25px
Surgical 3000 Trueshot Tablet 25px

Magic Enchantments[]

Prefix Stat Bonus Item
Dazzling 40 Blazing Kernel Blazing Kernel.png
Mystical 155 Mystical Mojo 25px
Sparkly 230 Radiant Durian 25px
Sparkly 520 Divine Amulet 25px
Spectral 1040 Elixir Recipe 25px
Celestial 2230 Witch's Lotion 25px
Spectral 2650 Quantum Logic 25px
Celestial 3000 Magical Idol 25px